Recruitment on a success basis

In general, we recruit and place IT specialists on a success basis. Your benefit is therefore clear: you will incur no costs until the successful appointment of an employee found by TechSearch Ltd. Give us a try free of charge. We will be happy to help you.

Recruitment on a mandate basis

Filling complex specialist and management positions necessitates an intensive and time-consuming search. In such cases, it is worthwhile to entrust a recruitment firm with a classic mandate. TechSearch Ltd has employees with long-standing experience in conducting mandate-based searches. Would you like some references? Please get in touch with us.

Modular recruitment process

A classic recruitment process is broken down into four phases: a requirements analysis and the definition of the search strategy, the search for and contacting of candidates, the interview phase and the final recruitment phase. Do you know what you are looking for, want to hold the interviews yourself and do not require any support in appointing a candidate? Is all that you need assistance with identifying and approaching potential employees? That is no problem for us. Flexibility is our strength. We will only provide you with what you need. Please contact us to request an offer.